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so what is the big four exactly? i read your bio and somewhat understand, but how did it come about? did someone just get the idea one day or is this going to be a movie or something?? haha x

The Big Four happened pretty naturally on tumblr. Most people who watched one movie had seen at least most of the others, so the four fandoms overlapped pretty easily. Crossovers between all kinds of recent animated movies got really common for a while there, but for whatever reason this specific combination of four happened most often, until it became a fandom all on its own. The Big Four, or Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons, is just any form of combination of these four movies. Wewish it would be a movie, but they’re all owned by different companies, so the chance of that happening is more or less zero.

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New theme. Yay~ Hope you all like it. - Jack’s mun

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Yep, you heard it, guys! We are officially open for business!

As much as possible, all members of the RP are going to reply to their threads every 1 or 2 days. Hopefully this will move us merrily along the plot, and soon our characters will meet and the Big Four will be together and and and


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